Slow Food San Diego

Supports community awareness about healthy local food

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We welcome your questions, suggestions, recommendations, comments and feedback.
You can contact us by sending an E-mail to

You can also sign up for our e-mail alerts and find out about membership and volunteering by clicking here.

Contact individual board members directly at their e mail addresses listed on “About Us“.

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  Garden wrote @

The light green font used on this site is almost impossible to read! Please change to black on white background if you truly want someone to be able to read this site.

  alonnafarrar1 wrote @

This a free template that comes with those colors. If you roll over the link it does turn gray. We can pay for the upgrade to be able to change the colors. I will talk to the group to see if that is okay.

  alonnafarrar1 wrote @

We upgraded our site to one where we can edit the styles and colors. Check it out now to see if it is more readable. Thanks, Alonna

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